Same Love, Same Rights (2013)

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Same Love, Same Rights






"The 15th of July of 2010 was an historical day in Argentina. That day a law was approved that says that marriage is independent of the sex of the contracting parties. At the same time, a more democratic and egalitarian society was build. This is the result of the long fight of committed women and men. They lived through very dark years full of hate to eventually see their dreams coming true. Activists, militants, young's and just sympathizers of the cause, have achieved the unthinkable, make of Argentina the first country in Latin America in pass a law like this. It was a decision about the model of society in which these people want to live. Besides that we will meet social and minority organizations, we will know the story of three different couples. From different generations they will tell us how they lived and felt the fight, their sensations and points of view. We will know how they see their lives after the law of egalitarian marriage."

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